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Our expertise
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Whether it is for your bar, restaurant, hotel, seniors’ residence, municipality or for any other activity, CREATECH DESIGN will accompany you in all your commercial furniture projects.

Stand out from the competition by opting for unique and contemporary furniture. The possibilities are endless thanks to our customizable furniture, and our vast choice of materials and finishes! Opt for our made-to-measure service, and benefit from furniture that adapts to your environment, your needs and your tastes. Whether it’s your design or that of an architect, our team of experts will adapt your plans to ensure a durable finished product.

Stand out from the competition by opting for unique and contemporary furnishings

What is your project?

Thanks to our expertise and our design and manufacturing technologies, we can create custom-made furniture for you, regardless of your sector of activity: hotels, seniors’ residences, hospitals, daycare centers, restaurants or integrated furniture for commercial buildings.

Since 1987, Créatech Design has become a master in the design and manufacturing of wood and metal furniture.

We work with many types of materials such as melamine, laminate, Corian or other solid surfaces. Our staining, metal and upholstery departments will complete your woodworking project and ensure its complete realization directly at our factory. The knowledge of our experts, their processes and our state of the art equipment guarantee the manufacturing of high quality commercial furniture in a very short time and at a very competitive price.

Leaders in the manufacture of customizable and made-to-measure furniture for businesses

We can design furniture from your plans, a photo or even just an idea you have. Our furniture is designed to be sturdy and durable offering you an excellent return on your investment.

The design of our drawings in 3D, allows you to visualize all the details to go quickly into production. Once the plans are approved, they are sent directly to the numerical control equipment in our factory. We ensure a very efficient production process, thus contributing to reduce the cost of the products.

We can design the furniture from your plans, from a photo or even just from an idea you have.

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Numerically controlled equipment

Minimizes handling and allows precision, quality of finish and speed of execution.

Hand assembly

Ensures that quality standards are met allowing for precision, quality of finish and speed of execution

Delivery and installation

Once assembled, the furniture is delivered, unpacked and, if necessary, installed at your establishment

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