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Our mission

Our raison d'être, our mission

Createch Design’s goal is to offer high quality and durable custom products to its customers. Our products are made from melamine or laminate panels. We also use metal, upholstery or other materials to enhance our products. We are concerned about our environment. We want to stand out from our competitors by the quality of our products, the efficiency in design and manufacturing. We are a family business that cultivates team spirit and believes in win-win solutions.

Our mission

Our philosophy

We have the privilege of living in one of the most advanced societies in the world. Each individual in the company must contribute to this privilege and make sure it is maintained.

Through business we can contribute to maintaining these standards of living. By generating wealth and sharing it. Wealth is not only financial, it is values, knowledge, environment. We also have the ability to influence our partners with our values and our actions.

Our values


To be able to trust our staff, our customers, our suppliers and other collaborators. Through our attention to detail and commitment, build a relationship of mutual trust and a win-win relationship.


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Our benefits

What we offer our employees

We strive to create a stimulating and dynamic work environment.
Be part of a company with a human dimension where everyone's actions count and make a difference.
We provide a healthy, safe, well-lit and clean work environment.
We offer every employee the opportunity to develop their potential and make them an effective member of our team.
We offer the flexibility to balance work and personal life.
We offer competitive salaries, taking into account the requirements of each position and individual and team performance.

Our facilities

Our work environment is a place where we spend a lot of time. That’s why we strive to make it pleasant. Our offices are in a relaxed and calm atmosphere, our factory is well lit and kept clean.

To be efficient in your work, you need to use the best tools, which is why we regularly invest in new, high-quality equipment to stay competitive. We have high performance numerical control equipment for manufacturing, computer systems and up-to-date software to assist us in our work.

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